MCM MANAGEMENT CONTROL AND MAINTENANCE SA (MCM) leases Tank-Containers, Swap-Bodies, Gas-Tanks.
The fleet under management covers all the usual needs regarding the transport and logistics of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, liquefied gases, as well as powders.
Our company is also specialised in tank containers of big capacities in excess of 30,000L.
MCM’s high administration of use and maintenance standards assure its clients with an equipment which is of first quality at all time.
We are specially focussed on the customer’s service, which implies a total flexibility fulfilling our clients expectations and requirements.
We are continuously in receipt of brand-new equipments: Gas tanks, tank containers and swap-bodies (for food and chemicals). All our orders of new tanks are specifically based on the market demand.
Our main depots are located in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Lyon, Milan, Singapore, Shanghai. But based on our strong network and experience we can also offer a tailor-made service on other areas.


Creation in Geneva in 1982.

The company’s founders have an extensive experience in tank containers manufacturing, then in the tank container operations field and for LOWACO/CATU, a large Swiss leasing company.
In 1989, Introduction of a fleet of small capacity specialized tank containers for high density and corrosive liquids.
Swap-body containers of large capacities going from 30,000L to 35,000L have been introduced in 1990.
Introduction of low and high pressures T50 gas tanks into MCM’s fleet in 1991.
In 2010, MCM has been purchased by LAMY Group based in Paris, France.

Since 2010, MCM fleet is continuously renewed and increased.